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Building partnerships to enhance Octia

7 September 2022|Company|

Octia's decisioning engine is not only powerful but can also be enhanced through Partners. This post previews LexTego's strategy to work with the best.

Working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

16 August 2022|Company|

Before launching Octia, LexTego worked with the Gates Foundation on an OSS solution for Mojaloop. Justus talks about his experience.

Do we understand Financial Inclusion? How technology can fight poverty

11 August 2022|Company|

There is still a long road until we have genuine financial inclusion. Justus Ortlepp reflects on the challenges and why we should remain optimistic.

How we made Async a key enabler for Remote Working

5 August 2022|Company|

Remote Working is in vogue - but it's still a challenge to make a success.

Notorious Dutch bluntness? Creating a transparent team culture

26 July 2022|Company|

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. Rob talks about how we make that the central theme for our team culture.

Launching Octia

19 July 2022|Company|

With the launch of our product, we asked our CEO and cofounder Rob Reeve to share some of his thoughts on the creation of LexTego and how Octia can help Fintechs looking to address Financial Crime.

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