Octia Transaction Monitoring

Event Monitoring and Detection

Octia is a financial crime event monitoring and detection platform built to support any Financial Service Provider (fintech or crypto) that requires real-time event monitoring to protect itself and its customers from financial crime and regulatory non-compliance.

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Key features

  • FinCrime API – the front door to the Octia platform and contains all the interfaces to collect the data required to monitoring events for financial crime.

  • LexTego Typology and Rules – to help detect any financial crime Octia leverages an extensive list of typologies. A typology defines the modus operandi of a specific instance of financial crime, as well as the means to monitor the events that could indicate the typology in action.

  • Evaluation Results – the complete results can be routed to a Case Management System via an egress API. Octia has the capability to submit the event evaluation results in JSON format to their existing Case Management or Ticket Management systems.

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Octia in action

Maarten Kuulkers, CTO of LexTego, walks through Octia and gives a system overview

July Release

Event monitoring data pipeline

Enable the ingestion of non-transaction events (customer onboarding and life-cycle events).

Octia-native FinCrime API

Enabled the modular ingestion of transaction and related data straight to the Octia data model and pipeline without third-party transformation.

LexTego Scam Typology

Scam typology and rules to detect a scam from transaction data.

Security enhancements

Security enhancements across the whole platform and deployment processors.

Development and deployment pipeline

Automated and complete one-click deployment to AWS.